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If you are reading this, you are probably asking the question: who is the “mommy” behind “mommy’s little lambs”? So, let me tell you a little about me. I am a mother. A mother who loves fiercely, protects passionately, and strives to enrich and nurture my children’s lives daily; though (more often than not) I am a hot mess of a mama with stains on my shirt, a peanut butter manicure, and cheerios stuck in my unwashed hair.

I was raised in a home which always had the sounds of pitter patter running across the floor, and was blessed to have a mother who taught me how to be a mother. I always knew I wanted a flock of my own someday. Being a mother was what I wanted in life above all else. I pursued higher education after high school and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Child, Youth, and Family Studies. By the time I became pregnant with my first child, I had decades of experience and education in the art of parenting and motherhood. I thought I was prepared, or at least more prepared than the average expecting first time mother. I. WAS. WRONG. No amount of experience, education, and pre-baby research could adequately prepare me for the motherhood journey I was about to embark on.

My first pregnancy was a nightmare, full of complications. I gave birth to a beautiful baby, prematurely, who had a slough of “bumps in the road” throughout infancy. Colic doesn’t begin to describe what we experienced for the better part of a year. Throughout this journey, I was constantly looking for anything and/or anyway to make life just a little easier, or even tolerable. I was exhausted, sleep deprived, and desperate; all while being totally enamored by this little miracle who (by God’s grace) had captivated my whole world. I was thankful, but still exhausted.

These circumstances caused me to be in a continuous hunt for any and every piece of baby gear out there that would possibly make life easier. By consequence, I have become a baby gear fanatic. These circumstances also caused me to be on an endless quest for information. At the time of my pregnancy, I was shocked at the limited resources, outreach, and support for mothers in the 21st century. And, at the time, another woman’s story could’ve been words of comfort, hope, and sanity to me. And, if what I have learned can help even one mother out there along her journey I feel it is worth sharing.

I am an intensely private person. I am one of the rare millennials out there with little to no personal social media footprint. My skills with technology are so bad it is quite simply, embarrassing. So why in the world start my own website? It is my hope to be able to connect and share the knowledge I have learned with other women and mothers while still holding on to my privacy. Ironic? Impossible? Maybe. I guess only time will tell.

So, my journey of motherhood has now lead me here. To a new chapter. To a new journey. And, to you. I am excited to see where this new journey leads and hope you will join me in the adventure.



If you would like to connect with me personally, please contact me via email at: mommyslittlelambs@gmail.com

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