Preserving Memories with Mushy Books.


Howdy! So, anyone who knows me, knows how much I nerd out when it comes to any kind of scrapbooking. I have loved it since I was a little girl watching my own mother make scrapbooks for my siblings and myself. I did such a poor job taking photos of my baby during the first week and months of her life. Then, not shocking with my luck, I lost almost all the photos I had of her during those first few months due to a technology malfunction. Because of that, since then, I have probably overcompensated a little much by making multiple baby books and scrapbooks for my baby. I have used a few different brands/companies to make my daughters books, each book with a different purpose. Today I want to share my experience with Mushy Books. I LOVE MUSHY BOOKS! I got a mushy book for my daughter, and two other mushy books for other children. These books are not only exceptional quality, but what is so impressive about Mushy Books is their company.

When I initially placed my order, Mushy Books was offering a promotion. However, I had to complete my purchase in two transactions for my order to process with the promotion. In doing so, I had to pay $17 in extra shipping costs on the second transaction when I qualified for free shipping with my total purchase. Within less than 48 hours Lesley, from Mushy Books, contacted me inquiring if I wanted the orders put together. I explained why I placed two transactions to get the promotion. She quickly refunding the shipping cost of the second transaction within 30 minutes. Talk about customer service, am I right!?!?!

Well, their customer service only got better. Lesley personally stayed in-touch with me for over a month. She answered my questions, helped me add to my order even further, and assisted me to make the additional order so I would not be charged another $17 for shipping given my previous purchase. That kind of personal customer service, and quick correspondence will make me a return customer. I could not be more pleased with the books I received and the overall positive experience I had working with the Mushy Books company.

All the books I purchased turned out beautifully. Their modern style is clean, versatile, and has a classic air of sophistication; the leather book cover is wonderful quality. I also purchased the photo mounts, extra pages, toddler pages, and baptism pages. Each book comes with 5o pages. One can add up to 15 additional pages for a total of 65 pages. A Mushy Book cannot hold more than 65 pages. On their website, one can fully preview each page on the inside of the Mushy Book “themes” available. I will attach a book preview for the “Bloom” theme Mushy Book I picked for my daughter.

There are so many other adorable themes in addition to “Bloom.” I also purchased themes “Happy Camper” and “Petal.” I can’t wait for a reason to get the “Home Grown” theme Mushy Book! I’m a sucker for farm themes. I hope everyone enjoys this post and their weekend!

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